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Xavier Adds Verbal From 2014 SF Trevon Bluiett

Xavier lands a commitment from a player who gets buckets (hooray!) but is now two scholarships over-committed for 2014-2015 (not hooray!).

Coach Mack summons someone to double-check his math before he offers any more scholarships.
Coach Mack summons someone to double-check his math before he offers any more scholarships.
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Xavier landed a verbal commitment from four-star small forward Trevon Bluiett today, per Bluiett's own Twitter account. This move was met with universal acclaim.

Well, nearly universal acclaim.

Evan C. Hill's sterling analysis aside, this is a great addition for Xavier. Of course, nothing is final until pen hits paper - Bluiett himself was once committed to UCLA before deciding to play closer to his Indiana home. Bluiett is a 6'5", 205-pound wing who is noteworthy primarily for his ability to flat-out score the basketball. He is a shooter with big-time range; he can bang threes off the bounce, on the break, or working off of screens. He also has an arsenal of mid-range jumpers and floaters to hold him over on occasions he can't get to the rim. Blueitt uses his size well and can score through contact on the drive or post smaller wings.

He currently sits at 43rd in the ESPN100, but he does have some refining to do in his game. He's already excellent on offense, but his on-ball defending is a work in progress. There are also concerns about his conditioning, though those come more from his size than any actual performance issues. Needless to say - not that I haven't already said it - this is an excellent pickup for Xavier. It's no great feat to look good in your own highlight video, but here's three minutes and change of Trevon Bluiett looking good in his own highlight video:

This verbal commitment gives Xavier five outstanding players - PG Edmond Sumner, SG JP Macura, Bluiett, PF Makinde London, and C Sean O'Mara - who have pledged to join the Muskies next year. That is undoubtedly one of the best single classes to ever land at X. It does come with just one small cavaet, though; the Muskies have committed to 15 full scholarships for the 2014-2015 season. Even if you assume that Semaj is jumping to the NBA after this year - which is not a foregone conclusion - that leaves Xavier needing to drop one more scholarship to get in under the limit. The practice of over-recruiting often leads to some ugly things when crunch time comes around; I hope Coach Mack has a good handle on who is going to be heading out of his own free will after the season; I'd hate to see X end up having to pull scholarships from kids who don't want to move on.