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Frontcourt Preview Week

The guards have been broken down and discussed, now it's time to move down low. Does Xavier have a replacement for Travis Taylor?

Can anyone replace this man?
Can anyone replace this man?
Mike Lawrie

We are finally bearing down on the basketball season, having wandered lo these forty years in the annual wilderness of recruiting rumors and off-season workout reports that is the summer. While we have been (and will continue to be) breaking down the opponents on Xavier's schedule, it's time to turn the focus inward as the season preview winds down and actual basketball appears on the horizon.

With the guard previews already wrapped up, we are moving on to the frontcourt. Last year, Travis Taylor was the anchor down low as he had the senior season he must have always hope he would. Unfortunately, Taylor didn't have a great deal of help and the Musketeers season ended with a ball bouncing off the rim against St. Joe's.

This year, the post men have retooled. The player who left that last shot short, Isaiah Philmore, is back and coming off a very strong second half. Justin Martin also returns, though he remains as enigmatic as ever. Beyond that, a host of newcomers will help hold down the area under the hoop. Matt Stainbrook, Jalen Reynolds, Kamall Richards, and James Farr (does his last season really count?) will all contribute to various degrees, but promise far more talent than was readily available last year.

As with the guards, we'll break down each player before breaking out the Sunday Conversation to encapsulate our thoughts on the group. As per the norm, your thoughts and comments on each player are welcomed.