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Shootaround: 1/4

It's been awhile since we've had a slow day for Xavier that wasn't a holiday. Even better, today's slow Xavier day coincided with some major happenings in the world of college basketball, where conference play is just now kicking off. Remember, even on the slowest of days, you can get our thoughts on pretty much whatever you want on our Twitter @BannersParkway

The biggest news was the the game winning three pointer that wasn't out in Arizona. Game leading scorer Mark Lyons had tied the game up after a furious Arizona rally by bloodlessly canning two free throws. Colorado came the other way and launched a three pointer that, well, you decide (crucial part begins at :58).

Officials called the shot off despite originally ruling it a made basket. That has, of course, sparked debate on nearly every sports news outlet you can find.

Colorado buzzer-beater: Arizona, Miller not new to bang-bang calls: This is probably the most complete single page rundown of the entire incident. If you click on only one of these links to see what happened after most people were in bed, make it this one.

Colorado Buffaloes vs. Arizona Wildcats - Recap: Good video here, plus a box score that shows that Mark Lyons is still a dominant scorer, and still shoots a lot to get it done. It will be interesting to see how Arizona fares against a better team when Cheeks goes 6-16.

Katz 3-point shot - Men's College Basketball Nation Blog: Andy Katz proffers his opinion, for what it is worth.

Tad Boyle, Colorado Buffaloes basketball coach, wants end to instant replay: You can always count on the losing coach in one of these things to overreact, and Tad Boyle is no exception to that rule. There are many things to argue after this, instant replay isn't one of them.

CBS Sports and their College Basketball Talk pages have varying opinions from Jeff Borzello Night Court: Controversial call helps Arizona avoid upset, Raphielle Johnson No. 3 Arizona survives Colorado on controversial call, and a very good breakdown of the rule itself by Rob Dauster Refs blew call that cost Colorado win at Arizona, but not how you think. In short, it was a great night if you are into .gifs, 400% zoom, and minutiae debate.

Xavier Musketeers Official Athletic Site: The bidding for the Sandy Hook jerseys ends today at 5pm. If you got money that you were planning on donating or giving to charity, it's hard to imagine a better cause.

Finally, if you are curious, this is what the college block/charge rule looks like now, NCAA shores up block-charge definition, feel free to pass that along to any student athletes you may know. Most notable is the fact that the rule greatly.