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Today we have a handful of updates, a preview, and a sobering story. The Shootaround will be updated every weekday, so be sure to check in consistently, even on the slow days. For now, the updated Shootaround will remain in the second slot on the homepage, always highlighted by a picture of Brad Redford shooting around.

When the hearts of young athletes fail: This article came out this summer, but it's an excellent read worth revisiting. While concussions and ACL repairs take all the headlines, more and more athletes succumb to heart troubles each year. Troublingly, these problems are often undiagnosed and unrecognized until it is far too late.

The Hoops Report | Top 68 Team Previews: #58 Xavier Musketeers: #58 isn't where the Musketeers hoped to be as the year started but, it is hard to argue with any of the conclusions of this article. It's been a long time since a season quite like this rolled down Victory Parkway.

Cintas Center rocks new sound system: But hey, at least we'll be able to hear it well!

Derrick Brown Signs Non-Guaranteed Contract With Spurs: Derrick Brown raised eyebrows when he left early, but he has carved out a nice little career for himself to this point. Landing on a team like the Spurs should only increase the worth that his energy brings.

Jordan Crawford could start over Bradley Beal for Wizards: On the other end of the humility scale lands Jordan Crawford. Crawford currently holds the edge over Bradley Beal in the race for a Wizards starting spot. It doesn't seem out of the question that Jody completely explodes this year.