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Welcome and Shootaround

Welcome to the new Banners on the Parkway. If you are as confused as Travis Taylor seems to be, scroll down for what happened around the NCAA while these changes were underway.

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Welcome to the new, and very improved, Banners on the Parkway. Graphically, the layout is greatly different than the simple reverse chronological order we have all come to know and love. Starting today, stories will be arranged on the front page based on their relevance, impact, and immediacy. Thanks to the new ability to stream updates, stories will now be updated and out front. No longer will you have to scroll down to find a story, scroll through the story to find the update, and then scroll some more just out of habit. Instead, we intend to make sure that the very latest Xavier news is at your fingertips, whenever you want it. For that very reason, our mobile page and our apps are updated as well. We sincerely hope you enjoy the new product.

All of that won't do any good, of course, unless there is relevant content to peruse. To that end, here is what has happened with Xavier, and basketball in general, in the last week:

Q&A with Xavier head basketball coach Chris Mack: Coach Mack seems to be starting to develop the bunker mentality regarding this season. He says that the goals haven't changed, but recognizes all the reasons that people might think they have. He answer to the last question "we shall see" seems to be the answer to just about any question you ask about the Musketeers this year.

Mick Cronin: The Big East’s losses are ‘good for Cincinnati’: Saint Mick is, of course, whining. This time, it's about how beating Georgetown and finishing high in the Big East when it the massive power in college basketball won't really hold a candle to what UC can do this year, now that the Bearcats are free of all the bias that held them down.

Sam Cassell Jr. signs with Chipola Junior College: This move has to be what Coach Mack fears that Myles Davis and Jalen Reynolds are about to do. The fact that Cassell, who was in school with Davis, has taken the juco route will only increase the speculation that other non-qualifiers will do the same.

Will Coach K, Duke skate again? Yes, unless the heat stays on Blue Devils: If you have ever thought that the NCAA didn't protect its blue ribbon programs, this article should change your mind.

Gillispie only has himself to blame for downfall: Billy Gillespie was once the next big thing in coaching college basketball. Thanks mostly to himself, he has suffered a massive flameout that ended with 911 calls, hospital visits, and his resignation from Texas Tech after only one year.