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New Xavier Players in 2012-2013 Xavier Uniforms

It was apparently "try on your uniform" day at Xavier, because both Semaj Christon and James Farr took advantage of the opportunity to give their Twitter followers an early look at the future of Xavier's team. Well, that might be overstating it slightly, but they both took pictures of themselves and a teammate and posted them. To wit:

Semaj gets us started with a simple but timeless front and back look.

Christon has opted for the single zero most memorably worn by Lionel Chalmers but most recently worn by Dee Davis. Davis does not seem bothered by this development and will be wearing number eleven this season. Semaj also informed us that he is "reppin for [his] city" this season.

James Farr's jersey, ostensibly on James Farr.

James Farr presented us with our only other solo shot. He also declared that he is "Farr 2 good," a clear play on his name and jersey number.

Half of these guys will suit up for Xavier this year.

Semaj with former Brewster Academy teammate Jalen Reynolds, whom he describes as his brother. Sadly, Reynolds has been ruled a non-qualifier and will not play for Xavier this season.

James Farr with Towson transfer Isaiah Philmore.

Back to the magic of Instagram one more time as two of Xavier's new forwards show off their home whites.

Chris Cantino staring pensively into the middle distance.