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Sam Cassell added his voice to those decrying the NCAA's treatment of last minute non-qualifiers.
Sam Cassell added his voice to those decrying the NCAA's treatment of last minute non-qualifiers.

The weekend has come and gone (did everyone see the Browns show signs of life?) and we are back to the college ball grind. There's not a lot of Xavier specific news this morning, which is probably a good thing, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few interesting stories to be had out there.

SNYDER: Heart of the matter is, NCAA needs one: The Washington Times takes the NCAA to task in an excellent two page article that details the absurd manner in which the non-qualifier status of Xavier guard Myles Davis and Maryland guard Sam Cassell Jr. was decided and then handed down.

Former NBA player Sam Cassell tees off against the NCAA: If you thought the name Sam Cassell sounded familiar you either enjoy basketball or are still playing NBA Live 95. Cassell Sr. wasn't even as benevolent to the NCAA as the Washington Times.

Bizarre is in style for college basketball: This article is most notable for finally starting to lift the lid on Duke. Amidst all the rumblings about UConn, NC State, UK, Memphis, and everywhere else that buys players, Duke has always come out clean. While this is mostly innuendo, there is smoke that may very well lead to a fire on Chapel Hill.

What exactly is the ACC getting in Notre Dame?: Notre Dame has jumped ship from the Big East to the ACC. CBS explains what that means for the leagues.

Big East realignment history since 2004: If you are confused by who is in and out of the Big East now, here is a handy primer. The lack of conference continuity is making following teams casually more difficult than it used to be. While this doesn't impact the loyal supporter, one has to wonder if the constant realignment is costing the NCAA marginal fans.

Jim Calhoun a true coaching original: It bears mention that Jim Calhoun has retired. As usual, Jay Bilas has about the exact opposite opinion on something as we do. You can dress being rude and churlish up as whatever you like, it doesn't change the facts.

10 Biggest Troublemakers in College Basketball History: Finally, a list of some of the more colorful characters to take the floor in college basketball recently. You'll recognize some of the names on the list but, somehow, Carlton Dotson, who murdered his own teammate, fails to get a mention.