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Shootaround: Jalen Reynolds Edition

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One quarter of Xavier's roster looks on as Andrew Nicholson makes a move to the bucket.
One quarter of Xavier's roster looks on as Andrew Nicholson makes a move to the bucket.

When will the summer end? Meteorologically, we have about a week left until the autumnal equinox, which marks the beginning of fall. In basketball terms, there is still some time until the Midnight Madness type events that hail the end of the long roundball summer. For Xavier, this summer has been an absolute nightmare and simply cannot wrap up quickly enough.

Davis, Reynolds ineligible for 2012-13

Shannon Russell pretty much covers the long and short of it here. Both players have been ruled non-qualifiers, which means they can't even practice with the team. The summation:

Since [the end of last season] the team has undergone a vast face lift, bidding farewell to Tu Holloway, Kenny Frease and Andre Walker (graduated), Mark Lyons and Griffin McKenzie (transferred), and Dez Wells (expelled).

Clearly, it's not good. Xavier is now left with just eight scholarship players eligible to participate this season.

Rothstein Files: Atlantic 10 Offseason Notebook

Scroll down to number two on this list to see how big a part of the team this freshman class was going to be. All four of the players in the class were going to be in line for big minutes from the word go. Now the class has been cut in half and Xavier doesn't have enough scholarship players to run a full 5-on-5 in practice.

#78 Xavier Musketeers: College Basketball 111 in 111

This ranking was published before news broke of Reynolds' ineligibility, but even it paints a pretty bleak picture for Xavier in the upcoming season. Remember the guys who you couldn't wait to see leaving the game last season? They're all going to be pulling large amounts of playing time this year.