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Xavier will need a lot of minutes and a lot of production out of Brad Redford this season.
Xavier will need a lot of minutes and a lot of production out of Brad Redford this season.

After Lyons' transfer and Wells' dismissal, things are going from worse to even worse for the Muskies. On the plus side, the ten-day forecast looks like Fall is on the way. So there's that.

NCAA denies eligibility to Myles Davis

With the roster already frightfully thin, Xavier was dealt another harsh blow when Myles Davis second appeal of his status as a non-qualifier was denied. To make matters worse, Davis will not even be eligible to receive aid or practice with the team, meaning he has to foot the bill on his own and will not even get the benefit of a year in the system. Goodman's article has more details, but if the NCAA keeps doing stuff like this, people may start to question their status as the impartial arbiters of amateur athletics.

Butler dismisses starting guard Chrishawn Hopkins

Xavier wasn't the only A-10 team that got weaker today. Butler dismissed returning guard Crishawn Hopkins from the team for repeated violations of team rules. Hopkins is a streaky shooter who assumes a couple of misses just mean he's due, but he has the ability to go off for a big game at a moment's notice. Incoming transfer Rotnei Clarke will probably start at the one for the Bulldogs this season.

E.C. Matthews looking to trim list

In goodish news, the top-100 recruit from Michigan still has Xavier on his list for now. A 6'4" guard with a nose for the rim and an expanding shooting range, Matthews would be a nice get for Xavier. He states that he would like to be committed by November but is willing to take his time.

Report: Jim Calhoun to retire

Jim Calhoun is a coach who is less than universally loved, but he has been a staple of the college basketball scene for years. Word is that he is hoping to name Kevin Ollie as his successor, but that UConn wants more control over the situation. Recent and ongoing health issues are a large part of Calhoun's decision.

Notre Dame joining ACC

Notre Dame football, as always, will remain independent. Good for them.