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The Dez Wells story has started to fade, full scrimmage and game stories are yet to really get rolling, and the Reds are probably drawing away a lot of your attention. After a brief spurt, we are right back in the college basketball doldrums. Midnight Madness isn't quite here yet, but there are finally a few things cropping up.

Xavier Announces 2012-13 Men's Basketball Schedule

The new schedule is out, but it surely has a different feel now. Gimmie games are in short supply, with Fairleight Dickinson and Robert Morris the only two that really jump out. There is precious little time for this team to find its collective feet before a non-conference tilt with Butler on the 13th of November.

Iowa State's Palo suspended after sexual abuse charge

This story is pertinent only because it highlights a school giving a player at least a chance to be found innocent of charges before running him out of town under a black cloud. More disturbingly, it paints a picture of college athletes acting under a sense of entitlement that seems troubling.

Syracuse/UConn couple agree to contract over baby's fandom

If this happens in your marriage, I would suggest counseling. I'll join the writer, Matt Norlander, in pointing out that the parents allegiances don't always trickle down to the kids. In this case, you almost hope they don't.

Final Four in arenas? We can dream

Eamon Brennan, a must read almost every time, takes on the possibility of the NCAA moving the Final Four out of domes into actual, real life, basketball arenas. Of course, the massive profits will keep it from happening, but it is great idea. The thought of Butler (loathable though they are) playing in the Final Four a couple years back in Hinkle instead of lifeless dome is just awesome.

Big East won't change name, brand equity cited

Whew, that was close. The Big East, in yet another demonstration of how massive ego can become when it is collective, has decided that it will remain the Big East, regardless of how absurd that name becomes.

Father's note changes family's 9/11 account

It has been 11 years since the world of almost every American alive at the time changed. While we all have memories of where we were, what we were doing, and who we were with, a select few have memories from that day much more painful than most of us can imagine. This story, about a desperate note from that day returned to a family nearly ten years later, is worth a read.