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Kris Jenkins Trims List

"Come to Xavier, Kris Jenkins!" -Chris Mack, probably
"Come to Xavier, Kris Jenkins!" -Chris Mack, probably

Five-Star Basketball reports Jenkins trims his list to five:

Kris Jenkins of DC Assault and Gonzaga (DC), cut his recruitment list down to five schools, including (in no particular order): Rutgers, Villanova, Clemson, Xavier and Miami. Jenkins is a 6-6 forward, in the mold of Charles Barkley, who spent most of the summer recovering from injury.

We don't usually spend too much time on recruiting rumors around here, since it's more something to do over the summer rather than something that can be directly traced to the program's success. Once pen is put to paper, it matters. Before that, it's just talk. If it were anything else, Michael Chandler, D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera, and Sim Bhullar would all be on Xavier's roster right now. They're not.

With that said, 2013 PF Kris Jenkins interests me. Though he's rated in the three- to four-star range by most services, two things stand out about him to me. One is that, at 6'6" or so and 250 pounds, he's got the kind of width Xavier hasn't had in the power forward position recently. The other is that he is universally lauded for his motor. Xavier has a host of tall, thin, languid forwards currently on the roster. For what my opinion is worth - which isn't much - it might not hurt the Muskies to add someone built like a bull who only ever plays full speed as a compliment to the equally broad Matt Stainbrook at center. Color me intrigued by Kris Jenkins.