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NBA Draft: Holloway not selected

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The NBA Draft came and went this week with all the fanfare and excitement that drafts create nowadays. Lost somewhere in the Cavs pulling a typical Cleveland move and taking someone way to high, the constant reminders about John Calipari and the UK Wildcats, and David Stern getting booed, was the fact that Tu Holloway went undrafted.

When Tu returned for this season it was to finish business on the court with a talented group of teammates, and to solidify his standing as a first round pick. Instead, neither happened. Xavier's season seemed more like something from a television show with constant intrigue and rumor, and the Musketeers again bowed out in the Sweet 16. Tu returned and saw his scoring, assist, and rebounding numbers all drop (probably because of a deeper team).

So now Tu is somewhere in basketball limbo. Undoubtedly too talented to languish in Europe, Holloway will have to play his way back into the league via the NBA Summer League and various camps throughout the summer. As Joel pointed out, you can rest assured that Tu will do everything in his power to make it back.