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Whelan Watch: Week 2

Xavier walk-on Tim Whelan has announced that he is not going to get his damaged tooth repaired until the Muskies are ranked. With the polls coming out on a weekly basis, we'll use this space to track Whelan's progress towards once again being dentally whole.

I'm afraid it's all bad news, Tim.
I'm afraid it's all bad news, Tim.

Our national weekend of gratitude began somewhat inauspiciously for our Jesuit friends. A loss to Pacific will likely be a black mark on the Musketeers' potential tournament resume long after it is the only blemish on Xavier's record (SPOILER ALERT: I think X will lose at least one more game this season). The wins against moderately-rated Drexel and not-rated-at-all Drake pushed the team to 2-1 on the weekend and 5-1 the season, but was it enough to get Tim Whelan into the dentist's chair?


Well, no. As those of you blessed with good eyesight and/or an above average ophthalmologist have already noticed, Xavier now shows up nowhere in the polls. They are not even receiving votes in either poll. This, obviously, is a step in the wrong direction for our boys.

Fortunately for Xavier, the team's only game this week comes against Purdue. While the Boilermakers aren't ranked, they will provide a chance for Xavier to pick up a road win against a team whose name the voters will recognize. Fortunately for Whelan, he still has 31 healthy teeth to tide him over.

Whelan's status: Reading reviews of blenders on Amazon.