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Randolph Officially to Xavier

After a week of uncertainty, Brandon Randolph has confirmed that he plans to attend Xavier next season.

After rumors broke last week that 2013 guard Brandon Randolph from Inglewood, CA was headed to Xavier, it became official today. Randolph announced his intentions over his Twitter this afternoon. The delay came because Randolph's father encouraged him to take his scheduled official visit to Missouri over the weekend before deciding on his future destination.

This is obviously a big get for Xavier and makes the Muskies incoming players for 2013 Randolph, Myles Davis, Jalen Reynolds, Matt Stainbrook, and Kamall Richards. That's a fairly stout class for the program and is an excellent foundation for continued contention. Just as importantly, Xavier beat out a school currently ranked in the top 15 in both polls for the commitment of a very good player who will be coming two thirds of the way across the country to play for Coach Mack.

After the tumult of the summer and the decommitment of Chris Thomas, there were some questions regarding the ability of Chris Mack and his staff to bring in enough talent to keep the program moving forward. Since then, the program has landed commitments from Kamall Richards (Connecticut), Melvin Swift (Texas), and now Randolph (California). That's a pretty impressive recruiting footprint for a non-Big Six team in Cincinnati, OH.

For more on Randolph, check out the initial article we wrote about him here. Every bit of that scouting report still holds true.