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Shootaround: Nov 16

The tumult of the off-season has transitioned into a surprising 2-0 start for Xavier. While that is making headlines, it is hardly the only story around college ball. The season is in full swing with the preseason NIT being joined by, seemingly, dozens of other kickoff tournaments to start things off. (Xavier doesn't hit a bracket until next week).

Brandon Randolph, meanwhile, is still half committed and half not.

Xavier takes first step after tough offseason: Xavier's big win over Butler didn't go unnoticed. It's too early to call Xavier rejuvenate or healed, but the first step has been taken. This article even goes so far as to note the efforts of Jeff Robinson.

Butler’s blowout loss to Xavier raises concerns about the Bulldogs: On the other side of that win you have the Butler Bulldogs, who everyone expected to come in to the Cintas and win. After they didn't, the alarm bells started going off. The big question remains: is Xavier that good or is Butler that bad?

Xavier edges UK 1-0 in NCAA: Xavier men's soccer picked up a program first NCAA tournament win last night, and they did it over over UK. No word yet on whether Jon Calipari intends to take over free agent signing recruiting, for the Wildcat soccer team.

No hoops star has ever done wrong in eyes of Vitale, ESPN: The bizarre worlds of Dez Wells and Dick Vitale collided last week, and the NY Post is quick to point out that Vitale is as out of tyouch as ever with reality. Wells may have been railroaded at Xavier, but the ever obnoxious Dickie V's attempts to make him some sort of NCAA martyr were absurd.

Night Court: DK is aging at UMass while off to a 2-0 start thanks to two buzzer-beaters: My pick to win the A10, UMass, isn't making things look easy thus far.

Duke freshman: Lil Wayne cursed at me - College Basketball Nation: This is just sublime. It is hard to argue with Weezy's sentiments here. I mean, it's Duke.