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Xavier Record Chase Update

After one game this season, several Musketeers were in the hunt to get their names inked into the record books at Xavier. Butler proved a stronger test than Fairleigh Dickinson; how did the Muskies' dreams of individual immortality fare? We'll keep updating the record hunt until everyone is hopelessly eliminated or a hero has emerged.

IS Semaj going to crack the record books as a freshman?
IS Semaj going to crack the record books as a freshman?
Joe Robbins

So you probably don't need to use your subscription to (you do have one though, right?) to figure out that Butler is a better team than Fairleigh Dickinson. As Xavier took a step up in the level of competition faced, you would probably expect that their blistering paces towards the record books would take a step back. This, then, is an update of our first article outlining some of the records in danger after one game.

  • Erik Stenger suffered his first missed field goal of the season last game, dropping his shooting percentage to a still respectable .857. Brad Redford also missed last time out, and his shooting percentage fell to .818. Both are still on pace to best the .654 mark posted by Brian Grant, which is the current record. Of further concern is the fact that Stenger has only shot seven times in two games. He may need to up his attempts if he wants to qualify for the record books.
  • Brad Redford is on pace to make 139 threes, which is still well above the 104 that Lenny Brown drilled in a single season to set the record. More remarkably (depending on what you find remarkable), Redford is on pace to need just 170 attempts to get there. He is on pace to miss 31 threes this year.
  • Jeff Robinson met with disaster in the form of a missed FT against Butler, dropping his season mark to .857 from the line. Redford, Justin Martin, and Dee Davis all are still perfect from the line, with Martin leading the way with seven attempts.
  • Sadly, Robinson's concentration lapsed to the tune of just two personal fouls against Butler, dropping him well off the pace to eclipse James Posey's record. Jeff is going to need to foul out of several games (not out of the question) or hope for postseason magic as he continues his quest for immortality.
  • In all the Jeff Robinson-related excitement, I nearly forgot the assists record. The current record stands at 251 for Ralph Lee; Dee Davis is on pace to break that with 264. However, Semaj Christon has now thrown his name into the mix; his eight dimes against Butler put him on pace for 240 on the year. A couple of double-digit assist games for the freshman guard might just put him in the driver's seat.
There you have it. As the season progresses, I'm sure ESPN will start an updating ticker every time Xavier plays, provided there's not any news about Tim Tebow that day.