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Scholarship Chart

Need to know who has signed, who has committed, and how many years until your favorite Muskie graduates? All the pertinent information on Xavier's roster construction can be found here.

As the signing period rolls on (and the chaos that is collegiate recruiting never stops), it's nice to know where your favorite team stands in terms of scholarship availability. This handy chart provides an at-a-glance reference to keep you up to date on the potential comings and goings of the Musketeers throughout the year. For the purposes of the chart, we've assumed that Erik Stenger's scholarship will not be renewed, Chris Cantino will be eligible but will choose to redshirt (those are the rumbling we're hearing), and Myles Davis and Jalen Reynolds will be released from NCAA purgatory to join the team as freshmen next year.

The different shades of blue on the chart don't have any meaning in and of themselves; they just serve to separate the classes from one another. The chart reads top to bottom in order of years of eligibility remaining. An (RS) after the player's name and position indicates he is serving a redshirt year. A (V) after a recruit's name and position indicates that he is verbally committed but has not signed. The chart will be updated as more information become available. Feel free to ask any questions you have in the comments section and book mark this page for easy reference on an ongoing basis.

2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017
1 Brad Redford (G) Isaiah Philmore (F) Justin Martin (G/F) Semaj Christon (G) Jalen Reynolds (F)
2 Jeff Robinson (F) Chris Cantino (F) Matt Stainbrook (C) James Farr (F) Myles Davis (G)
3 Travis Taylor (F) Justin Martin (G/F) Dee Davis (G) Jalen Reynolds (F) Kamall Richards (F) (V)
4 Isaiah Philmore (F) Matt Stainbrook (C) Semaj Christon (G) Myles Davis (G) Melvin Swift (F) (V)
5 Erik Stenger (F) Dee Davis (G) James Farr (F) Kamall Richards (F) (V)
6 Chris Cantino (F) (RS) Semaj Christon (G) Jalen Reynolds (F) Melvin Swift (F) (V)
7 Justin Martin (G/F) James Farr (F) Myles Davis (G)

8 Matt Stainbrook (C) (RS) Jalen Reynolds (F) Kamall Richards (F) (V)

9 Dee Davis (G) Myles Davis (G) Melvin Swift (F) (V)

10 Semaj Christon (G) Kamall Richards (F) (V)

11 James Farr (F)