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Xavier Nabs Four-star Guard Brandon Randolph

When it rains, it pours, and the tumultuous summer for the Xavier basketball program has suddenly given way to a super storm of good news. Four-star 2013 point guard Brandon Randolph of Inglewood, CA has committed to the Musketeers.

Coach Mack is a little excited, but Justin Martin is all kinds of excited.
Coach Mack is a little excited, but Justin Martin is all kinds of excited.
Joe Robbins

First, some video:

Brandon Randolph is a four-star point guard from Inglewood. As you can see from the above film, he is good enough to look good in forty seconds of his own highlight reel, which frankly isn't all that special. What people who have watched him for more than that say, though, is fairly positive. He is an elite scorer who is aggressive in seeking out and converting his own shot. He is at his best when getting all the way to rim or pulling up for his effective mid-range jumper.

His game does have some weaknesses in it. His outside shot could still use some work, and he is often a little more concerned with finding his own shot than the shots of his teammates. Still, he is tough and strong and should fit well with the Musketeers.

Assuming everything holds for Xavier over the time between now and the beginning of next year - which is far from a given - Randolph is a big signing for X. With Brad Redford graduating, only Christon and the Davis brothers (not actually brothers) would remain as true guards on next season's roster. Randolph is a perimeter slasher who will fit right in with that group.

In the larger scope, that makes the additions to Xavier's roster next year as follows: guards Randolph and Myles Davis, forwards Chris Cantino, Jalen Reynolds, and Kamall Richards, and center Matt Stainbrook. For a team set to lose Brad Redford, Travis Taylor, and Jeff Robinson, that's a pretty nice haul of incoming talent. Xavier is once again reloading.