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Xavier Players on Pace for Record-Breaking Years

At this early hour in the Musketeers' season, several Muskies have broken free of the doldrums of the summer's turmoil and are well on their respective ways to immortality.

The next Xavier legend?
The next Xavier legend?
Mike Ehrmann

Xavier is a storied basketball program with a proud legacy stretching back seemingly to eternity past. To make your way into the Musketeers' record book, then, is an accomplishment that would make the player who achieved it rightfully very proud. It's not often that a record falls from the annals of Musketeers history, but this year - on the heels of the most inauspicious of summers - several Xavier players are on pace to write their names in the history books. To wit:

  • Xavier's record for FG percentage over the course of a season is .654 by Brian Grant in '92-'93. Both Brad Redford and James Farr are shooting .857 on the year and are thus on pace to eclipse Grant's mark. Even more impressively, though, Erik Stenger is shooting 1.000 from the field, meaning he could fall almost 35% from his current mark and still break Grant's record.
  • Lenny Brown poured home 104 three-pointers in the '98-'99 season. Brad Redford is on pace to make 186 threes this year, which would destroy Brown's mark.
  • Perhaps least surprisingly of all the records we'll discuss today, Dee Davis is on pace for 465 assists, which would nearly double Ralph Lee's record-setting mark of 251 from the '85-'86 season.
  • Perhaps most surprisingly, Jeff Robinson is shooting 1.000 from the line and is on pace to outdo Joe Geiger's .902 mark in the '61-'62 season. Of all the records in play here, I'm hoping most of all that this one comes to fruition, just so - years from now - I can point to his name in the books and tell my kids, "You wouldn't believe how much your uncle Brad hated this guy."
  • We'll wrap up with one more Jeff Robinson note: he is on pace for 124 personal fouls this season. James Posey owns the current single-season record with 123. If Jeff can hold his nerve this season - and nearly foul out in exactly every game - he may yet achieve Xavier immortality.

Well, there's that, for whatever it's worth. There is no guarantee that these players continue their record-breaking paces for the fruition of the season, but for now, all the information we have on hand suggests that half the Musketeers record book may well be thrown out and replaced by the end of the year.