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Shootaround: Nov 12

Xavier's drubbing of Fairleigh Dickinson wasn't the only game that took place over the weekend. Finally, blessedly, college basketball is back in full swing. In case you missed it, the biggest story was the cancellation of two games played on aircraft carriers. While it's a great idea to get the game in front of a collection of people that undoubtedly deserve a couple of unexpected perks, it hardly seems fair to be surprised that water caused issues in games played on a boat.

It's time to get off the boat: Trying to plan around drops in temperature and ambient humidity is a bit much, according to Myron Medcalf.

Time for aircraft carrier games to sail into the sunset: Jeff Borzello makes the very valid point that these sets of games are intriguing enough on their own that people would come see them anywhere. Risking the safety of the players isn't in anyone's best interests.

NCAA College Basketball Recap - Syracuse Orange at San Diego State Aztecs: It wouldn't be America though, if someone didn't try again despite multiple, highly publicized failures. Syracuse and SDSU got through their aircraft carrier game without any major incident. Unless you count double digit wind speeds as an issue in a basketball game.

UCLA freshman Shabazz Muhammad has been declared ineligible by NCAA: The second biggest story of the weekend was this one. UCLA looked to finally be on the rebound this year, but Muhammad figures to miss a very large chunk of time now. Surprisingly, this story of recruiting violations doesn't include John Calipari.

The best big in Brooklyn late Friday was Maryland's Alex Len: UK managed a win, but Alex Len is the reason the Maryland Terrapins were in the game. Lost in all the Nick Faust and Dez Wells hype (they were quite poor on the night), Len played a big game for a Terps team that looks very good.

VIDEO: Illinois fans incorporate famous 'Silent Night' celebration at season-opener: Finally, if you haven't ever seen the original Silent Night, you can at least see the University of Illinois paying homage. It isn't Utah State, but it is pretty cool.