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Shootaround: Nov 1

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It's the first day that OHSAA allows high school basketball teams to begin organized practice, so you know basketball can't be too far away. In just two days Xavier will take the court in an exhibition against Kentucky State that will be our first look at the new Musketeers. That's hardly the only available news now, though.

Five Observations From Xavier Musketeers | Jon Rothstein: Rothstein was in town this week, and we retweeted him as if our very lives depended on it. In case you somehow missed it, this is his article detailing why he expects Xavier to shock some people this year. Also in case you missed, our answer to that article can be found here.

College basketball is back! Cronin, Mack talk Crosstown Shootout, season’s prospects: The Shootout, and thank you Business Courier for still calling it that, is going to be the talk any time Coach Mack and Coach Cronin share a stage. Both coaches were quick to point out that their programs accomplished quite a bit last year as well.

College Basketball Preview - Atlantic 10 Conference: A brief spasm of excitement at seeing how high Xavier is picked by the Chicago Tribune (fifth!) is erased by the fact that this writer doesn't know Dez Wells now plays in Maryland.

Atlantic 10 Conference 2012-13 College Basketball Preview : Athlon Sports is seeing much the same picture as everyone else, with Xavier struggling to an eighth place finish. Athlon adds the caveat that a breakout from either Travis Taylor or Isaiah Philmore would go a long way toward changing that.

Men’s hoops notes | Xavier Sports: Shannon Russell has been bitten by the optimism bug that seems to have gotten Rothstein as well. Maybe there is something to this. Top 25 impact transfers: You'll recognize the two names at the top of the list for their direct impact on Xavier basketball this year.