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Do you or does someone you love enjoy yelling at the television every time an official makes a call? You're not alone in that, but it probably helps to know the rules before you question the guys who are enforcing them. The notes from the 2012 annual meeting of the NCAA Men's Basketball Rules Committee are worth a read, regardless of your level of verbal involvement with the referees. They removed the decals from the floors, which is good, but also further tweaked the block/charge rule to make it favor the offense more, which is bad.

CBS Sports released its list of the top 100 players in NCAA basketball this season. Obviously, there are no Musketeers on it. Adding insult to injury, Jeff Goodman said that Maryland's Dez Wells would have been in the top 100 were he eligible to play this season. I don't want to skew too dark here, but it could be a long season for Xavier fans. Let's just move on.

Long Island University got back four suspended players this week. The players - including last year's three top scorers - were all suspended due to an incident involving a on-campus brawl with members of the school's track team. Good on the school's administration for not rushing to judgment and doing something rash like throwing all four guys off the team and out of school. Let's move on again.

Richmond Spiders coach Chris Mooney is the subject of this piece from I don't want to give the whole thing away, but it's a nice article about his going out of his way to help out a student manager going through a tough time. Read it.