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We are now within a month of the very first game of the 2012-13 season. Whether that is a good or bad thing depends, I guess, on how you see the world. We already covered how Media Day went for the former kings of the Atlantic 10, but we weren't the only ones to have some thoughts on it. Some of the assembled media masses also took the time to chime in.

Xavier picked 9th in Atlantic 10 preseason poll: Yes, you are still reading that correctly, despite the fact it still seems like some sort of odd dream. Xavier may not have been the number one team in the conference prior to the summer of disaster, but they were right in the mix. Now, the defiance Coach Chris Mack showcases in this article seems more like the rantings of someone who refuses to accept reality.

Notes from media day: If you want even more info, it's here. Also featured in this article is a picture of the team that really makes you want to believe.

ESPNU College Basketball: If you are into podcasts or just looking to kill some time at work, ESPN's Andy Katz took the time to sit down with several A10 coaches and fill that particular niche in your life.

Dan Hurley eager to take the reins at Rhode Island college basketball: URI hasn't really mattered since the days of Lamar Odowm, but Dan Hurley would like to change that. With the sartorial nightmare that is Jim Baron now out of the equation, it's possible basketball might become a reason to tune in to Rams games again.

The 20 most depressing 2012 Pirates facts: Just in case you think Xavier is the only team that has it rough this year, here's a rundown of the complete collapse of the Pittsburgh Pirates. "My favorite: On August 17th, the Pirates began mailing out playoff ticket ordering instructions to season-ticket holders." Whoops.

Towpath Marathon: If you come looking for the Banners staff tomorrow, we'll be in Peninsula, Oh competing in the Towapth Marathon. There is no more picturesque place in Ohio for putting yourself in extreme misery.