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Shootaround: Oct 25

Currently men's basketball news reads like Facebook after a breakup: everywhere you look are reminders of the ex.

There's the one no one thought you should have been with and confidently urged you dump. That person has now landed with someone better than you in almost every possible connotation of those words. College Basketball Team Previews: The Title Snipers — Michigan, Syracuse, Arizona, Florida: Mark Lyons is now with Arizona and on the outside of almost every national title conversation. Further, he's considered a crucial part of an excellent team. Arizona counting on instant impact from Lyons

There's also the one that you dumped for a transgression that you now realize you blew way out of proportion. That one is also with someone new and way faster than you thought possible. Maryland Basketball: 5 Questions Marks for Terrapins Heading into the Season: Yes, it is now possible that Dez Wells will suit up for Maryland this year. Terrapin fans must be absolutely elated.

Thankfully, again like Facebook, there are plenty other things to distract as the season eases ever closer.

Napier giving leadership another shot ESPN: Yes, Shabazz, because leadership is something you can turn on and off. Anyone who has been in the presence of an actual leader can see how this one is going to end.

UConn women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma suggest lower rims: Title IX has it's issues, but it has done a lot to advance women's sports. Geno Auriemma seems determined to undo all of that as quickly as he can.

NCAA punishment is inefficient, inconsistent, compromised; here's how to fix it: The NCAA operates as a complete monopoly and the way it metes out punishment and discipline shows it (Myles Davis, for instance). Matt Norlander links to several good articles and also presents his own way to fix things.

Billy Donovan speaks up about Kentucky's reality show: Speaking of people the NCAA should punish, John Calipari is now flaunting his undoubtedly ill-gotten gains on ESPN. Surely, his hubris will eventually catch up to him.