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Shootaround: Oct 1st

The first day of October brings with it a noticeable nip in the air, and more bad news. It broke last night that Chris Thomas had de-committed from Xavier and reopened his recruitment. While that doesn't necessarily exclude Xavier from his list of final destinations, it does for all intents and purposes. Another loss, this one of a talented player that never set foot on campus, leads off the Shootaround.

Juco star Chris Thomas decommits from Xavier: Jeff Borzello was the first to the news and, of course, took note of the itinerant nature of one of the most talented players in the states. Thomas may still turn out to be a phenomenal player, but something seems to be amiss inside his head. Right now, he's on the cusp of being a star. He's also on the cups of playing two years of juco and landing at Mountain State.

Problem child Franklin has matured into an NBA talent at San Diego State: It would be unwise to completely write Thomas off though, and Jamaal Franklin is something of a case in point. Raised partially in South Central LA, Franklin had just as many issues as Chris Thomas but has developed into a great player.

Know Your Non-conference Opponent: Robert Morris: In case you missed it. Joel previewed Xavier opponent Robert Morris this weekend. Something of a cupcake when the schedule was made, Robert Morris could now prove to be a challenge that the Musketeers really don't want.

Louisville Cardinals' Mike Marra re-tore ACL, year over, Rick Pitino says: If you are a fan of oft-injured tattooed white guys, this comes as crushing news. Marra's career is likely over before he ever reaches the heights that were predicted for him. His body ink suggests a move to bounty hunting or a job where long sleeved shirts are a requirement.

2012 Ryder Cup -- Europeans snag improbable victory: I know nothing about golf, but this has been all over the sports news cycle since it happened. Apparently, this is what passes for excitement when you spend your weekend watching golf.