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Player Preview: Introduction

With the start of the season just around the corner, college hoops fans who don't follow their teams' summer adventures come swarming back to their favorite source of news to catch up on what they're missed and what to expect for the coming year. With August (by the grace of God) finally in the rearview and November coming down the pike, it's about time for us start examining Xavier's roster to try to get an idea of what each player might be bringing to the court this winter.

Over the time between now and the end of October, we'll be taking a look at two Muskies a week. We'll look at what each player has done in the past - both at X and in high school (or at previous colleges) - and preview the player's expected role on the team this year. Then we'll put forth our best educated guesses as to what the best-case scenario for the player's season is, as well as what might happen if it all goes off the rails. Finally, we'll open the whole thing up for your opinions in the comments section.

 There are just over seven weeks looming between us and the tip-off of the Bellarmine (exhibition) game; most of the offseason is a memory for Xavier fans. With last year’s somewhat unlikely success as a backdrop, the 2011-2012 Musketeers come into the season with considerably higher expectations from the fan base. Whether or not Xavier meets those expectations is going to come down to the quality of play they get from each of the players we're about to discuss. Check back often to get our take on the Muskie roster - and to leave us yours.