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Have you been too busy getting back to school to surf the internet? Have you been making sure your homework was done and your papers written? Have you been spending all your free time trying to figure how to drop college algebra? Don't worry, we haven't. Here's all the college basketball news you need.

Conference expansion is the story of the day. With super-conferences seemingly not that far away, no school is making decisions based on its basketball team. College football, loathsome as it is, is currently king. Joe Lunardi sees this as the end of the NCAA as we know it, while Andy Katz stays a bit farther back from the ledge.

Coach Mack started the contact period by again updating his Twitter with his own brand of travel tips. ESPNs Dave Telep compiled a laundry list of college basketball coaches who were also out on the road. Anyone who thinks of coaching a college basketball team as nothing but game-planning, practice, and March probably needs to contemplate the idea flying from Florida to Kansas, renting a car, and then sitting in a HS gym. That doesn't sound terribly glamorous to me.

Tu Holloway continues to make national news. This time, The Sporting News has him on the their third team preaseason All-Americans. Tu and Mark Lyons are cited as the reasons that TSN also has Xavier ranked 18th in the nation before the season starts.

Or, you could take a limo everywhere. In an attempt to make everyone resent Duke even more, Mike Krzyewski recently appeared to scout Jabari Parker in Chicago in a limo he had rented from airport. This is, of course, making huge waves while the navel gazing of the off season continues.

Also from the realm of good news comes this story about Green Bay guard Eric Valentin. I won't spoil it for you, but the writer compares it to Rudy without all the unnecessary Notre Dame pomp and circumstance.