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Xavier v. Southern Illinois: Abbreviated Preview

You may have noticed that today is Christmas. That's a day that, here at BOTP, we encourage you to spend with your loved ones, not dwelling on Xavier's recent, disastrous week. We'll preview today's Southern Illinois game very briefly, with a big assist from our friends at, then let you get back to the revelry. If Xavier loses this one though, drink all your Christmas Ale tonight, because X is a mid-major.

What you see below is's visual representation of the Salukis. Every color represents a single player, and the length of the bar indicates his contribution to that particular category. The bottom line is this, though: stop 6'7" senior Mamadou Seck. He leads the team in points, rebounds, assists, and steals, and is second in blocks. Enjoy hovering your mouse over the chart, and have a Merry Christmas. Tip time is at two; we'll have a game thread going.