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Brad Redford Might Not Love Heights


This kind of stuff makes following college basketball fun for me. When I think about Brad Redford, my first thoughts are "unlimited range," "stretches defenses," "makes post play easier." I follow that up with "limited lateral mobility," "not a defender for long stretches of the game," and "my dad loves him." Five of those things are no different than thoughts I've had about little men in video games, and the sixth has nothing to do with Red.

Then Big Kenny posts a picture like this on Twitter and I remember that he's a college kid running back and forth across the nation playing basketball and hanging out at hotels with his friends. It recalls a time not long ago when some of us were doing the same thing.

A lot of my winter and early spring hinges on how well Redford and his teammates perform; I'm sure the same goes for all of you. At the same time, some of these guys are just college-aged dudes who have idiosyncrasies like being afraid of heights.