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Twitter Recap

Twitter Recaps come in one of two forms. The first is generally a look at the most recent game through the eyes, and typos, of those involved. The wonderful thing about Twitter though, is that it is not always whimsical, not always just an 140 character paean to self. The second type of recap is rife with information. Occasionally, Twitter is a remarkable source for news and notes, a veritable compendium of useful information.

It's not always useful stuff though. This week started out with Coach Mack finding out how Starbucks keeps profit margins so high "Ordered large coffee this am . They could pour contents in a small cup. I paid for a bigger cup. Me, I just complain on twitter." Coach then transitioned to self-deprecating "Told my wife to watch these skills as I parallel parked. Proceeded to hold up traffic for 10 minutes. Walking around Yale's campus. Harvard alums here cause of football rivalry game 2day. My wife and I just realized we're 2 most dumbest here."

The biggest A10 story of the week was the St. Louis dismantling of Washington. Heard This noted the reaction in perhaps the most accurate poll in the land "Three teams in from 22-30. Temple 22, Xavier 27, Saint Louis 30. Dayton is also "in tourney" at 65."Joe Sheehan and Andy Katz took note as well "The Billikens played three games last year in which they didn't get to 50."(JS) "Most significant score today was Saint Louis 77, Washington 64. Rick Majerus has the Billikens a real player this season." (AK) Finally, national windbag Dick Vitale quit watching Duke highlights long enough to say "Can Rick Majerus bring magic to St Louis this hoops season? Xavier , Temple better watch out as something tells me Rick's kids r 4 real."

It should be noted that as SLU was taking Washington apart, our timeline was flooded with Bengals fans complaining that an incompletion doesn't count as a touchdown now. It's a conspiracy! NFL rules guru Mike Pereira informed everyone "you still have to complete the catch, maintain control of the ball all the way to the ground. anywhere on the field you have to complete the catch." In further NFL news Griffin McKenzie finds schadenfreude amusing "Maurice Jones Drew did the powder toss in cleveland hahah." We do not, but we're ok with it because our team won this week.

We've not exactly been shy about our feelings on John Calipari here, but this quip "Cal: "Doron ran by the post three times. He said my guy's a shooter. He's shooting 25%. The kid can shoot it, but he's not a maker" that Ballinisahabit quoted is priceless. Ballinisahabit also found this stat "Wisconsin is outscoring their opponents 222-105 this year. I don't care who you play, that number is impressive." Our love for Wisconsin basketball knows no bounds.

Across the pond, Jamel McLean and Jason Love faced off against one another onthe court and on the virtual keyboard. Jordan Crawford started things ": L O whats up? did you or win the other night? hows it going over there?heard mase won bet Mel had 8 n 8 lol" then Dante jumped in, " naw.. mel had 4 and 4.. Lo got called for a travel when he did his running hook...haha" Jody chimed back in "": lmao, was rockin half a mohawk and was out there shooting 3's, air ball'd 1 of thm too"TRIFE!! C'MON MAN" and Jason Love finally ended the McLean bashing by pointing out " y'all won but dnt act like I ain't give you 3 str8 and1's, thn I told his coach he bettr get a sub for him b4 he foul out." McLean defended his three point skills " rampage u know its bad when we sub our 16 year old in the game to get some action..ask ello, how I was pulling threes on em" but we find that a bit hard to believe.

Finally, Mario Mercurio, Director of Basketball Administration, wants to know your thoughts on "Sitting here after practice with & talking about our favorite performance. I'm going UC @ X." We went with the 17th of February game against St. Joe where Crawford tried an ill-advised three and missed, chased down the fastbreak, stole the ball, and drove for the lay-in.

So that is the week in Twitter. For more info on all things frivolous and more opportunities to see us wind up opposing fans, follow us @BannersParkway. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, and remember that Black Friday will only truly be so if you miss the game that night.