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Myles Davis and Semaj Christon Looking Good

Xavier 2012 commits Myles Davis and Semaj Christon squared off in a New England prep tournament earlier this week. While Christon's Brewster Academy (also featuring fellow Xavier commit Jalen Reynolds) came out on top, both player performed well. Myles Davis (video here) ended the game with 34 points and 5 assists and looked good in knocking down 6 first-half threes. The link with the video breaks it down, but it's easy to see from the video why Coach Mack chased Davis' signature (beyond all the "Birth of the Cool" jokes he'll be able to make for the next four years). Davis showed an impressive ability to find his feet off the dribble, from the catch, and after a jab step. His range plays at the college level today; I'm sure he'll look even better as he continues to improve.

Christon (video here) went for 17 points and 12 assists and only turned the ball over once. He looks good in the video, but then that's kind of the point of a highlight film. There's not a ton to be taken from it beyond the fact that he seems strong with both hands and has good court vision. He also does a good job of keeping his body between the ball and his defender and exhibits good vision. You can see Myles Davis lingering in the corner protesting some perceived injustice during Christon's video; I'm sure Coach Mack will work that out of him. In the meantime, enjoy the videos highlighting the talents of a couple of future Muskies.