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Xavier v. IPFW: Twitter Recap

Part of what we try to do here at Banners on the Parkway is keep you involved with the all the goings on behind the scenes with Xavier men's basketball. Never, in the history of sports, has something provided such an opportunity to know what people are thinking as the miracle that is Twitter. With that prelude, it's time to dive into the first Twitter Recap of the season. (Any grammatical errors are solely the fault of the original author).


Let's get it!! Jeff Robinson got the party started early. I'm assuming he tweeted this between classes, in that brief window when he wasn't studying.

Game Tonight! wants to see you at . The official Xavier page jumped into the gameday prep next. Why only Mark Lyons wanted to see us there is beyond me, but I'm sure he appreciated all of you who attended.

goodluck to my tonight .. Semaj Christon is already considering himself part of the Xavier family. That can only be a good thing. He and fellow 2012 recruits James Farr and Jalen Reynolds keep in fairly consistent contact over the internets.

To anyone who says college athletes are out of touch "I'm shunning anybody who participates in the Occupy Cincinnati rally downtown today at 6p" Griffin McKenzie would like you to know he is not amused by your protesting antics. To be fair, he also isn't amused by some things that we write.

Dez Wells first shaved, "The beard is goneeee!" and then took time to call out what must have been a UC fan. "Walking downtown last night this fan from another team yelled out "Dez wells you're overrated"! This game is for you!!" You tell them Dez.

Dante Jackson has always been a big favorite of us here at Banners. We're following him still as he works as a grad assistant for Ohio U. With his typical exuberance he told us how the transition to the sideline was treating him "@BannersParkway NOT BAD AT ALL" Then he took the time to exhort his troops. "Tonight the bobcats go for 2-0.. play to win!!" One can only assume he doesn't want them to tire of the process.

During the game things started a little strangely "Rain drops leaking from Cintas Center's roof onto press row. Right where I'm sitting. Shoulda brought an umbrella!" "John Peckinpaugh not wearing his Everlast head gear... My night is pretty much ruined. Seriously though props to that dude. He plays hard." "Tu Holloway kissed Cintas Center's court after being introduced. Luckily it wasn't the part being hit by rain. " The thought of a romantic scene involving Tu kissing a court as a soft rain fell was nice to me but, alas, it didn't happen.


"Lyons guarding IPFW leading scorer Frank Gaines... Doing a good job making him take tough shots and not letting him get his own rebound." "Andre Walker has Frank Gaines so frustrated right now... He expects to be able to beat him off the bounce. " If you aren't following @musketeerreport you miss little nuggets like this during the game. It should be noted that a combination of the iHeartRadio app and Twitter may cause your Android phone to smoke, but they will keep you involved.


Shortly after that came a series of dunks, or at least dunk attempts."X 42 IPFW 24 - 18:08 2H - Lyons to Wells... Ridiculous dunk. Fans are loving that combo right now." "Wow so we wildin like that now ? Hahahahahahahahahaha was sick" "I'm not mad at trying that alley oop to it would've been awesome had it worked...but I can understand Mack not liking it" Jordan Crawford offered his thoughts on the ambitious Tu to Wells bounce pass alley oop attempt. The Real Clint Spaeth (accept no imitations) pretty much nailed it. Fun to watch, not exactly the fundamentals coaches like.

And we'd like to thank Andre Walker for being the first Musketeer back to his mobile device. After we mentioned that he'd picked a minor knock to the leg in the game he informed us " I'm good, thanks for the concern" You are good Andre, and we'll catch back up with you next week.

So that's it for IPFW. If you see anything you think merits our notice for any game, bounce it to us @BannersParkway. The biggest contributors win a great prize! (No, not really).