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Everyone with internet access and an interest in college hoops has been talking about the Wooden Award watch list, including us. Most people, having tired quickly of discussing who is on the list, have started talking about the players who are not. While that encompasses a number equal to every eligible player minus fifty, the name Yancy Gates has come up on The Dagger's look at the snubs, as well as ESPN'com's "players who might end up on the list."

SBN's Searching for Billy Edelin chose the high road, throwing out 10 thoughts on the list without making value statements about the players who should have made it. Rush the Court also got in on the act, Naming Tu their best sleeper on the list. Finally (for our purposes), Pickin' Splinters noted that Tu and Nicholson made the list from the A-10.

Pickin' Splinters also put together a list of positive quotes regarding the A-10 tournament's move to the new Barclay's center. Not everyone's outlook was so sunny; Searching for Billy Edelin feels like this is a potentially temporary move to the very real problem of conference exposure in big markets. If realignment crushes the Big East or some other scenario develops that puts a new, larger conference in the area, the Barclay's center may end up kicking the A-10 to the curb. That's not a very sunny development at all. Speaking of conference realignment, this is brilliant, though not basketball-specific.

Finally, a couple of reputable sources have already previewed the A-10 wholly or in brief, and more are sure to do so soon. In the meantime, here's Slam Magazine's look at how Xavier is going to control the conference this season. will spill more virtual ink on the subject in the future, but for now, here's their view on the A-10's non-conference schedules. Spoiler alert: Xavier's is the best.