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So the Cardinals have won the World Series. If you are a Reds fan, that probably irks you. If you are anyone else, you probably just thought David Freese getting to have Game Six he did in his hometown was pretty cool. Game Seven, inevitable though it was, probably also distracted you from surfing the internet for Xavier articles. Given that my baseball team started 30-15 and managed to play 28 games under .500 from there, I had some free time.

- For starters, we have Jeff Goodman. Anyone with Twitter is familiar with the exchanges he (@GoodmanCBS) and Coach Mack have from time to time. Goodman has been traveling around the country, catching practices from some top teams. In addition to hitting Duke, UNC, and the hated Buckeyes, he also stopped by to watch Xavier. The article he generated is well worth the read. Points number 14 and 15 will be of particular interest.

- The AP poll for the start of the year has come out to join the USA Today effort. I've always preferred the AP poll, mostly because it seems to respect Xavier more. That said, it's still pretty pointless to have a poll before a single ball has been tossed. Xavier is 14th according to the scribes, one better than ESPN and USAT have them. It's heady stuff for the Musketeers for now. Interestingly, XU is one of only five teams to have ended the season ranked each of the last four years.

- Mark Lyons talked to the SID about his new role as a leader on the team. He says all the right things, which is a start, and Tu Holloway mentioned that the frenetic style that set Cheeks apart early in his career has begun to fade. That frenetic style still comes out in the interview though, as Mark never stops moving.

- Did you know that Xavier's starting guards are good? So did the Washington Examiner; in this preview of the Muskies' season, they talk about what else XU has going for them. They also interview Tu on the disappointment of the Marquette game and how he felt afterward. It's a good read that can't help but make you feel good going into the new season.

- Finally, Jay Williams has compiled a list of his top 12 point guards for the 2011-2012 season. Along with Jay's five keys for being a point guard (he doesn't mention sticking with four wheeled methods of transportation) he ranks the best 1s in the nation. Coming third is Tu, I'll let you read why. Fellow Cousy snub Jordan Taylor makes the list as well.