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Talking Xavier with Busting Brackets

As part of Busting Brackets ongoing 2011-12 college basketball preview, senior editor Blake Lovell saw fit to have a look into the Xavier Musketeers. Blake contacted us here at Banners on the Parkway to help him fill in some questions that he had about this year's squad. For the full interview, stop by the Busting Brackets 2011-12 Xavier Musketeers Preview. For a sneak peek, read on after the jump.

Busting Brackets: In your mind, is this a Preseason Top 10 team?

Brad: I actually just wrote today about how little credence you can really lend to a preseason poll. Look at last year and you can see Kansas State drop from #3 in the preseason to completely off the map. Michigan State pulled off much the same trick, while San Diego State came from not even receiving a vote at the start of the year, to 11th by the end of the tournament. Still, the preseason poll can lend some support to claims that a team will be good. Xavier is 15th this year, and I don’t see a whole lot to argue with that. Sliding in under that Top 10 can be a real blessing.

Coach Mack’s teams have come out of the gate 8-5 both seasons he’s been at the helm before turning it on in the second half. For a squad with a lot of new and talented players going up against a very tough schedule, perhaps under the radar is the best place for X to be.

Also included in the interview are questions on Mark Lyons, Coach Mack, and the realistic chances of a Final Four this year. Make sure you read the whole thing and let us know what you think.