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Tu Holloway in a bubble and other news

This would've killed Tu's street cred
Back in June Tu Holloway was invited to tryout for the USA Men's Junior National Team (or World University Games team, depending on which you prefer). At the time I was of two minds about it: one one side, exposure for Xavier is never a bad thing, on the other, Tu Holloway getting hurt is always a bad thing. While a bubble for him seemed unlikely, risking him in pointless games didn't sit well.

Fear no longer though, because Tu has decided to remain in Cincinnati rather than tryout for the chance to go to China. According to Coach Chris Mack, Tu is focused on spending time with his teammates and finishing summer classes. The fact that Tu has already been away for Deron Williams' camp in Chicago and LeBron James' camp in Akron probably factored into the point guard's decision to spend the next month and a half here at home. 

Not all news is Tu news. Big Kenny Frease, and Examiner favorite, is down in Houston working with John Lucas in an effort to get in even better shape than he was last year. Evidently the 100 plus degree heat is helping Kenny remove even more extra Frease than he did last summer. The work with a noted fitness guru figures to impact the 28.5 minutes per game Frease played last year. Xavier is a different team when the big man is around the rim on offense and clearing the glass on defense.

Chris Paul paid a visit to his friend Coach Mack last week. I did some research and it seems that the NBA lockout will not allow CP3 to resume his college career. This disappointment aside, the story of Paul and Mack remaining friends as they went their separate ways after Wake Forest is a good one. 

When AD Mike Bobinski got the job as chair of the selection committee it was another coup for a program on its way to the very top. Now comes more news from Bobinski that will make any fan of the college game smile. According to an interview with Yahoo! sports, Bobinski sees no need to expand the tournament field. Xavier's AD went so far as to say that, unless something drastic changes, he can't even see entertaining discussion on the matter.