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Semaj Christon Commits

Christon will fit right in with Xavier's backcourt

When the first sentence ESPN can come up with on a high school recruit includes the gem "not only a good athlete but is very athletic," you have to wonder if there is anything else worth mentioning. With Semaj Christon, you don't have to wonder long. The 6-2 Winton Woods point committed to Xavier for 2012 late today, and he brings with him something akin to the entire package. Christon will join Jalen Reynolds at Brewster Prep this year to spend a year polishing his game. Even without that year of seasoning, Semaj has the makings of a player. His athleticism, so apparent to ESPN, is definitely the first thing that jumps out about him. Christon is explosive off the bounce, with a low, sweeping crossover that seems to be a mimic of old Allen Iverson. Christon parlays the speed, quickness, and devastating dribble into a good deal of uncontested layups.

To garner a 94 from ESPN's recruiting staff, though, you have to do more than just be quick. While there isn't a wealth of tape on Christon, what is out there shows a point guard willing and eager to get his teammates in on the action. The only knock against the young guard may be that he tries to make the sensational out of the ordinary a bit too often. That, however, can be coached out of him. 

Christon's shot is a quick rise followed by a hesitation to square the shoulders. With space, which he can create, he won't have a problem getting it off. Christon's extension isn't great, probably a bad habit formed from his ability to get so much lift out of his legs when he jumps. On the whole, Christon is more than just a scorer thanks to his ability to shoot. Defense that sags to deny him the lane will end up paying the price more than it cares to.

With five commitments for 2012 (Bhullar, Farr, Reynolds, and Davis are the others), Coach Mack has already assembled a good deal of talent. The jewel of that group, though, is Semaj Christon. Whether the fabled DSR joins the ranks of the Musketeers next year just became a lot less of a concern.