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I Love Basketball

On February 19, 2011, this happened. Utah State and St. Mary's were playing a Bracket Buster game on ESPN in the middle of the worst month of the year. It was a relatively ordinary game of basketball, with St. Mary's up at the half before Utah State came back with a 25-7 run to take control of the game. was gracious enough to carry the game, so I was watching it muted as I got ready to call it a night.

Then St. Mary's started to make it a game. They buried back-to-back threes with 2:45 left to cut the game from twelve to six and get the gym bouncing. With the press on and Utah State threatening to decompensate, Jardine trailed the broken press, caught a pass coming through the middle, and flushed it on St. Mary's entire roster and effectively end the possibility of a come back.

That, of course, has nothing to do with X. In the grander scheme, though, March to November is too long to go without basketball. It's moments like that one that make following college basketball so great. The only reason I was watching the game was that I was up past my bed time and willing to sacrifice a little productivity at work to watch a meaningless west coast game. I can't wait to have that opportunity again.