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Bobinski Named Chair of Tournament Committee

Xavier AD Mike Bobinski has been named chair of the Division I Men's Basketball Committee for the 2012-13 season. Assuming he is approved by the NCAA Division I Championships/Sports Management Cabinet, Bobinski's term as chair will begin in September 2012. Bobinski has been on the Committee since 2008. During that time, X has enjoyed the best run of tournament success in the program's history. That's probably just coincidence though, especially considering the draw Bobinski's peers (Bobinski himself can't be part of any X-related discussion) gave the Muskies last year.

The man Bobinski replaces is UConn AD Jeff Hathaway. UConn, of course, is (1) the reigning national champ and (2) kind of in trouble for hundreds of improper calls and texts from UConn staff to recruits. The Committee is the primary contact with the broadcast companies for the NCAA tournament as well as operating as overseer for the selection, seeding, and bracketing of teams for the tournament. If someone could get our proposal for expansion to Mr. Bobinski, that would be great.

Speaking of expansion, Bobinski cited the tournament's 68-team status and the advent of the First Four as "exciting" in a recent interview, proving he has a finger on the pulse of basketball fans everywhere. He also was integral in the hiring of Thad Matta, Sean Miller, and Chris Mack. If there's one thing Bobinski knows how to do, it's find and groom good young coaches. XU fans have long known how good an AD Bobinski is; this move won't put him on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but it's nice to see him getting some recognition from his peers.