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Tu Holloway Tweets his work

Joel's look at the possible upcoming point guard dilemma this morning got me to wondering what Xavier's current point was doing with his summer. Joel mentioned in the Summer Camp series that what Tu needed to work on this summer, if anything, was his jumpshooting. Probably not spurred by our suggestion, Tu has been doing just that. What follows is the summer in workout related Tweets from Tu.

13 May: "Even on my vacations I get lifts in and work on my game.. That's how you gain an edge.. Hustle + muscle equals success.. I did the math.."

29 May: (Tu was playing summer league in the intervening time) "Monday is day 1 of 27.. I keep it hood no half way shi.. I'm doing this so one day I can wear a suit with a fitted on some draft day shi.."

31 May: "Hope the sun go down so I can run in the sand soon and then try to be like Kobe when he had 81.. Getting them shots up.."

10 June: "Whatever dude that just does yoga on his own is wild.. I only do it because they make me.."

11 June: "The high after a win last for an hour or so.. A loss stay on my mind for months.." "Get this workout in.. I can't take days off.. My family like nice things also.." "560 shots up real quick.. I can go enjoy myself now.."

13 June: "Hit this court for an hour.. Floyd Mayweather is the best and his work ethic is 2nd to none.."

15 June: "Started my bank shot progression today.. My glass game is going to be crazy.."

18 June: "2 am workout all I need 2 do is watch Money Mayweather, think about what I don't have and the love of the game and I'm motivated.." "631 for 831 since the last time I spoke to you.. Back at it at 9am.. Let me know if you want in.. Aux gym.." "Get 1 n b4 I go out tonight.. Need a rebounder so I can do my bank shot progression.. My cool white rebounder has been drunk a lot lately.." "421 for 515.. He showed up to rebound for me.. Thanks.. Now I can enjoy myself.."

19 June: "The 8:15 workout is over.. Now I can get some sleep.."

20 June: "Lifted at 9 and had 1 and a half workouts.. Pay my political debts in a minute.. Shoot at 7.."

12:30am today: "Got a few hundred up.. Now watching the draft special on espnu.."

So what is the point of reading the tweets of a college senior? Just one thing. While you ponder Dee Davis and Kareem Canty, remember that neither of them will get better without a great deal of hard work. Tu Holloway averaged 5.5 points with an assist to turnover ratio of 1.13 his freshman year, it's only summers spent in the gym that get you past that.