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Living the Dream Pt. 3

In the Living the Dream series so far we've had a look at how some Xavier players overseas have adapted and thrived. Last week we caught up with the members of the 2004 Elite Eight run that are still playing ball professionally. That foray left us with only three guys out there playing somewhere. One of them you'll remember quite well, one is a blast from the past, and the other is a testament to never giving up. 

Kevin Frey- Ciclista Juninense (Argentina) 13.4/6.5/2 60% FG
Still above the rim
I'll admit to absolutely loving Kevin Frey in his time at XU. I'm not sure whether I've ever seen a player with his talent level be so willing to mix it up and hit the floor. Kevin is currently a free agent in the Argentinian league, but he has played in Finland, Sweden, Germany, France, Chile, Italy, and several failed American leagues. He's well known by the Xavier Nation for one dunk against UC, he seems to be trying to be known in many other nations as well.

Torraye Braggs- Argentino/Gimnasia (Argentina) 12/4.3/1
Torraye was not someone I expected to run across out in the basketballing wilds, but he's still out there. Two stints in the NBA didn't pan out for Braggs, but play abroad has. Braggs is 34 now, but still prized for his abilities in the paint.

Reggie Butler- Angeles de Puebla (Mexico) 8.9/7.2/1.7 
If Torraye Braggs was a surprise, Reggie Butler was a complete shock. Butler averaged 2/2/.3 in his time at Xavier and never seemed to much other than be huge and take up a scholarship. Butler didn't let his comparative lack of college success slow him though. Reggie has played professionally in Portugal, China, the US, Turkey, Spain, Dubai, and the Philippines. The fact that he translated two points a game at Xavier into a career of basketball speaks volumes for his work ethic.

The final installment in the series will come next Wednesday and highlight Musketeers currently playing in the NBA.