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Living the Dream Pt. 2

That's a lot of reps at 185.
In Part One of the Living the Dream series, we looked at some of the better known Xavier players who are now playing abroad. Since then Stanley Burrell has returned to Twitter with an explanation of his absence ("To all of you that have been sending me msgs. I really appreciate it. Me not responding was nothing personal. I just had to really lock-in.") and this video of highlights. Justin Doellman has returned to the states, and we're assuming Josh Duncan has continued being a beast. Next comes a look at the alums of the 2004 team that advanced to the Elite Eight.

Romain Sato - Panathinaikos Athens (Greece) G/F 8.7/2.7/1 Euroleague Champ

On the far left, holding a pretty boss trophy
Sato is unquestionably one of the most talented players to ever attend XU. After a brief stint in the NBA, he settled in Greece this year and immediately made an impact. Romain's incredible story continues on from the first time I saw him in action in a dusty gym in Dayton to a Euroleague Championship. Recent rumor suggests he may get another tryout here in the states.

Lionel Chalmers- Lokomotiv (Russia) PG 13.5/3/3.2 and one steal per game
Chalmers, still always driving
Lionel Chalmers also played briefly, and with some success, in the NBA but eventually drifted toward the opportunities of Europe. For Lokomotiv, Chalmers anchored a team that progressed to the final of this year's EuroChallenge before losing. Chalmers scored nine in the final to go with three assists, but his efforts were not enough. (See here for an explanation of the various club competitions in Europe).

Anthony Myles- Liaonang (China) F/C 12.7/6.9/.6 
Myles bounced around in Europe with little success before landing in China at the end of this season. Despite not starting regularly, Anthony managed several 20+ point performances and was useful on a team that finished near the middle of its league.

Will Caudle- Shimane Susanoo Magic (Japan) F 10.3/5.2/1.1
Finding out where Caudle went after college proved to be a bit of a challenge, but there can be no question he's in Japan now. Shimane finished 24-26 this year but selected Caudle as the top player on the team.

Cole toes the line
Brandon Cole- Miyazaki Shining Suns (Japan) F/C 18.9/11.4/2.1
Mizayaki was awful in this their inaugural year, but Brandon Cole showed tremendous talent. Cole averaged 19 points and 11 rebounds against Shimaneand his former Xavier teammate. In the second meeting Caudle put up 20 and 12 in matchup that must have taken place many a time in the Cintas Center. The Japan Times featured a nice story on Cole after the tsunami struck.