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Xavier Adds James Farr

Farr on his way to X.
Multiple sources have alleged that 6'9" forward James Farr has committed to play his college ball at Xavier, but Brian Snow seems to have pulled the scoop first. Farr is a lean lefty who came into high school on the wrong side of six feet tall. As he grew the better part of a foot, he continued to keep the small man skills that have now allowed him to be a big-time D-1 recruit. ESPN describes him as having a good enough jump shot to play pick-and-pop and a good face-up game on the block. Most sources agree that Farr needs to add bulk, but his skills, effort, and upside are universally praised.

While it looks like Xavier may have nabbed a good one with the late-bloomer from Illinois, what is less clear is when he will join the team. While he is listed as a 2011 recruit and he finished up his senior season this year, there is word bouncing around the internet that he is going to prep school next year and will join Xavier in the 2012 class. If this is true, he would be the first Muskie in that class and we would get a better look at his development prior to his arrival on campus. That would also mean that Coach Mack and the staff would still have those two scholarships from this year left to fill. I personally think Farr will be in the class of 2012, just from the tenor of the scuttlebut. Stay tuned for more details.

UPDATE: This is obviously far from a full scouting report, but I love this kid's upper-body shooting mechanics. He has a good, high release and seems pretty consistent in not laying the ball back too far. His shoots with his feet a little goofy (in the manner of Salim Stoudemire a few years back), but that seems to be more common in lefties. By this time next year, don't be surprised to hear people marveling at Xavier's timing in being in early on Farr.

UPDATE: Farr's club (Rising Stars) coach confirms that Farr will be attending a prep school next year. Farr himself has been excitedly tweeting about his future at Xavier most of the day.