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Sim Bhullar to Xavier

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Our little big guy
According to Alex Kline of The Recruit Scoop, Sim Bhullar has committed to Xavier for the 2012 season. Rumor had swirled around Xavier and Bhullar for quite some time but this is the first thing that indicates a real commitment, with Brian Snow of also confirming. Bhullar is, literally, a huge catch for Chris Mack and Xavier. Standing 7'4" and weighing nearly 340 pounds, Bhullar is one of a select few humans that make Kenny Frease seem light and agile. There is some tape on Bhullar, and we have a bit of breakdown of it after the jump.

The news is still fresh, but we here at the Examiner haven't missed previous opportunities to check the tape on Bhullar. While Sim's game may develop in coming years, it seems almost pedantic to say that his size will play right now. Clearly a center, Bhullar scouts out as follows

Strengths:  Bhullar is huge. Seriously huge. Try to imagine if Kenny Frease had decided to add thirty pounds in the offseason, now imagine if he'd added thirty on top of that and then grown five inches. Bhullar changes the few shots he can't reach just by virtue of being roughly the same size as an aircraft carrier. All the size in the world can only get you to so many shots though, and Bhullar seems to also have the knack and timing required.

Bhullar also seems to show the desire to get up and down the floor. Fleet by no means, Sim at least gets out and makes the effort. When Sim is in position on the offensive end, he's nearly impossible to move, so hustle to get there makes a difference. He has showed great hands and seems to avoid the big man of not finishing with the necessary authority and simply relying on size. Bhullar is also a capable shooter.

Weaknesses: Sim Bhullar is glacially slow. A team that can run will remove Bhullar from one end or the other simply by virtue of moving the ball with some pace. To go along with that, Bhullar is very soft. Another year of weight work and conditioning should toughen him up some, but Sim is currently working with the body of jr high player. His size won't matter as much if he doesn't firm it up.

Bhullar also has a very slow shot. One of the detriments to size in a high school player is the tendency to become complacent, and Bhullar shows that in his shot. Sim's release is long and flat, with his right hand pronating early. When Bhullar is away from the basket he also tends to load from below his shoulders before shooting. While that isn't a problem with a 6'4" high schooler closing out, it will be should someone like Alex Oriakhi come flying his way.

Whole Story: Bhullar has work to do to improve his body and conditioning, but that can be done. What can't be changed is size, and Sim Bhullar has that in spades. Combine the size with the hands, timing, and a good work ethic and Bhullar is a legitimate D-I player. 

UPDATE: More thoughts on Sim here.