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Confirmed Xavier fan Shin-Soo Choo
Were you watching every basket of the national championship on DVR? Do you have so much free time that you are watching grown men hit a motionless ball with a skinny stick? Maybe baseball season has dragged you away from your internet. Regardless, you don't have to worry, we've already seen the national championship game and don't watch golf, (we do love the Cleveland Indians though) so we've been basking in the pale glow of the computer all week. Here's all the news that's news.
- Former Xavier commit, and current Coach Mack target D'Vauntes Smith-Rivera, was named the Marion County player of the year by the Indianapolis Star. Yahoo reports that UK is now in on the hunt for DSR as well, so Xavier will have to contend with all of John Calipari's recruiting tactics.

- Speaking of which, UK is once again under investigation for Calipari's unique recruiting abilities. UConn was also under investigation during the Final Four. Until the NCAA takes violations seriously, everyone will keep doing it. Vacating past Final Four appearances does nothing to deter coaches who have long since moved on in their chase of the almighty dollar.

- In yet another example of the absurdity of the polls, UConn garnered all but one of the number one votes in the final coaches poll this year. VCU ascended to a ridiculous sixth as the coaches seemed to go out of their way to demonstrate they don't know the game very well. The very idea of a poll after the tournament is ridiculous, but this year is the height of folly. UConn got hot at the right time but certainly isn't best team in the nation, VCU went on a great run but is clearly not the sixth best team in the nation. Human polls may need to be completely eliminated. (Even more alarmingly, the UConn women finished the year ranked third).

- In the latest ESPNU 100 recruit rankings, Xavier is looking good. While Coach Mack doesn't have the money and cars that UK can offer, he still managed Dezmine Wells at 46th and two other recruits (Dee Davis and Jalen Reynolds) with ratings above 90. Joel will be profiling the three incoming recruits over the summer.

- Jordan Latham is flat blowing up Twitter. I have no inside scoop, manufactured or otherwise, on what that means, but the man can fill up a feed in a a way he has not yet demonstrated he can fill a basket.