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Latham and Canty Transfer: Twitter Recap

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Help the healing begin, Mr. Fresh.
As most people who care and have the internet know by now, Jordan Latham and Jay Canty have each transferred out of Xavier University. Future content will no doubt clarify why the two freshmen left the program, where each will end up, and how Coach Mack and the staff will replace them, the question on everyone's mind right now is this: what did Twitter think about the news?

 The news started off much like one would expect: Shannon Russell, Tom Eiser, and Lance McAlister all tweeted almost simultaneous, functionally identical messages announcing the move. Not content to follow the crowd, Chris DiSano (who?) repeated the news and added that Providence was a possible destination for Jay Canty. Despite the fact that you'd think he'd have insider information, Jordan Latham announced the news two hours after everyone else did. He did add that he "will miss Xavier." Draw from that what you will.

Crushed by the departure of two teammates in one day, Mark Lyons tweeted that he "Wonder[s] when that @ and maybach muzic album come out." Shannon Russell took advantage of her access to the team to "catch up with Jordan Latham today" after he announced he was leaving. She then took advantage of the fact that this is her job and posted a note about it on her blog.

One might expect there be a little friction between former teammates at a time like this, and this situation was no exception. Latham tweeted that his "favorite rapper right now got to be Lil" Canty fired back that "Lil B is wack!" Cooler heads prevailed though, and the players both ended up commiserating on their lost followers after the announcement. Latham did stick up for Lil B one more time though.

I'm sure it's just a coincidence, but Coach Mack was at the Cintas Center tonight meeting Doug E. Fresh. I guess we all process the loss in different ways. Jeff Goodman over at Fox processed it by making a list of all this year's transfers and then tweeting a link to it. Kudos to him for all his hard work. Jay Canty checked back in with "Just met dougie [sic] fresh [sic]! #geeked." I imagine Fresh, Canty, and Mack sharing a couple of minutes of awkward conversation before one of them came up with an excuse to break it off. I'm assuming it was Coach Mack and that the excuse was that he had to get back to his kids. Class act, letting Canty hang out with Dougie Fresh like that.

Well, that's all Twitter had to offer unless you're excited about the fact that Joe Hughes is in Vegas, Tu is in Miami, and Redford is in class. As always, keep the tweets coming, and we'll keep finding them.