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Gyan for Africa! (or, Why I'm Cheering for UConn)

Many of you know that there was a World Cup contested just last year. The tournament was played in South Africa, and a lot of the media types - especially on ESPN - were playing up that fact. For any game in which at least one African team was playing, the supposition that the entire continent was supporting the team in question. This peaked when Ghana's Asamoah Gyan had a penalty kick to win a knock-out game against Uruguay. As he ran up to shoot, the radio announcer - whose name has slipped my mind - yelled, "Gyan for Africa!" He missed, and they ended up losing.

We're not here to talk about soccer though. In this tournament, Butler and VCU are carrying the "mid-major" banner into the Final Four. What bothers me is that the assumption among the media at large that a win for either of those teams is a win for non-Big Six teams everywhere. I've gotta tell you, to me, it doesn't really prove anything for X if Butler or VCU wins the championship. It doesn't give me more hope as a fan that Xavier can do the same, and it certainly doesn't make it any more likely. If either of those teams wins, it really is a great story, but that story has nothing to do with Xavier or any other mid-major team.

Also, I don't want UK to win because their fans are obnoxious and they act like they invented basketball.