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Canty and Latham Transferring

UPDATE: Only the finest in Twitter reporting for our readers. The best way to stay abreast of the action is to stay on top of the tweets. Since you all have lives, we'll take care of it for you.

UPDATE: Latham leaving over a lack of playing time. He is quoted as saying that he's sad that half of his incoming class is leaving, saying that they had "built a bond" in their time at Xavier.

According to a release from, Xavier freshman Jordan Latham and Jay Canty are going to pursue their college careers elsewhere in the coming basketball season. Coach Mack thanked both players for their efforts on and off the court and wished them luck in the future. Jordan Latham will leave behind a frontcourt that is long on athleticism and talent but short on the bulk that he provides. There was always some unrest around Jordan throughout the year, and there were also rumors that he was homesick in Cincinnati. While we wish Jordan the best, it is doubtful that his absence will create an intense impact on the program

Jay Canty was just beginning to become part of the rotation last year when he broke his foot. While he was out for six weeks, Xavier fell into a 6.5 man rotation and Canty had trouble finding minutes down the stretch. With the starting backcourt returning, Justin Martin looking to fill the hole left by Dante Jackson, and Dez Wells and Dee Davis figuring to be in the mix for perimeter minutes, Canty apparently felt like the situation at Xavier was no longer right for him.

We will continue to update as events develop. Check back often for more.