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Xavier v. St. Louis: Twitter Recap

Did you spend your Saturday watching Upward basketball? Were you too busy negotiating an extension of bargaining talks between billionaires and millionaires to sift through twenty hours of Twitter? We weren't! Here's the tweetstorm that surrounded the XU-St. Louis game.

Shannon Russell got us started with the news that Jordan Latham didn't make the trip to St. Louis for today's game for the same reasons he wasn't in uniform last game. Mario Mercurio brought better news, announcing that he was awaiting contracts back from Morgan St., Oral Roberts, and IPFW for games at Cintas next season. Dante declared it a good day for a road kill and asked what we thought. We agree Dante, but then, we always do.

Jeff Robinson inspirationally tweeted that you're more likely to act yourself into feelings than feel yourself into action. Since Robinson's actions on the court rarely seem accompanied by pathos, maybe he was tweeting to himself. Somewhere else, ESPN had put Bobby Knight in front of a live mic and was reaping the rewards of that; everyone on Twitter had to point that out. Kenny got ready for the game by declaring that Billiken soup was the special today in St. Louis. I'll just have a salad. Our final pre-game tweet came courtesy of Jordan Latham, encouraging his "slimes" to get this win.

Shannon Russell pointed out that XU was holding St. Louis to 15.4% from the floor early on, and Clint Spaeth was less impressed with St. Louis' 9-6 home record than the announcer was. Rick Broering commented that it was scary for the rest of the A-10 that Jeff Robinson was slowly figuring things out. While I agree, I hope Jeff speeds up the process here soon. Shannon Russell noted that X went from 5:49 to under a minute without a bucket and still led by ten thanks to eight FTs in that time.

Broering was back early in the second half to commend Coach Mack for letting the team play through St. Louis' run rather than calling a timeout. He also thought McLean was dominating the game despite having only four points, and emphasized the slowly in his statement about Robinson figuring it out. Shannon Russell, Clint Spaeth, and muskieblog were all unimpressed with Xavier's ball security on the day, but muskieblog was impressed with the SLU cheerleaders. Danaandvictory and Clint Spaeth were both impressed by the work Coach Mack did to get the team back to the top of the A-10.

Postgame, Dante confirmed the road kill and added "15-1 (in) our conference?? You guys tell me??" Cheek fired off "a lot of turnovers but still got the win and that's all that matters wheels up to the nati" in a moment of honesty regarding the ugliness of the win. Coach derided the SLU mascot for giving his daughters the thumbs down and declared "Long live Blue Blob!" Kenny told Dante the "If the A10 was a mountain, we built a compound at the top... I woulda said campsite but it's more permanent than that." I could hardly agree more. Half the team and Mario Mercurio rounded out the night by congratulating Jordan Crawford on his first NBA start.

That's the day that was in tweets fit for family consumption. As always, keep firing them off and we'll keep rounding them up.