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Twitter Recap: Xavier v. Charlotte

Seriously, don't.
Were you too busy still cleaning up from that epic President's Day party to get on Twitter? Were you too busy watching American Idol and working on your version of "Don't Stop Believing" (don't worry, it hasn't been overdone) to read a tweet or two? Don't worry, we've got them all right here, and we can already hit that high note.

Jay Canty got things rolling when he informed he was going to "cut down those Nets tonight." Assuming he wasn't in reference to the Nets of New Jersey, he was correct. Coach Mack was  next in line to remind everyone of the starting time of the game and say the six seniors were "a class that will be missed."

Xavier Examiner follower and great supporter of the site, Real Clint Spaeth (don't get it twisted kids, he's the only game in town) posted the first in his series of pictures taken from the Cintas last night. Shannon Russell reminded us that XU was now #23rd in one of the many meaningless, but nice to see, polls. She also mentioned that Kevin Feeney's sister nailed the national anthem. The same cannot always be said of her brother and free throws.

Time for confetti
The game got rolling then, and it was Rick Broering who very aptly called Dante's early three his "first 3 on senior night." There would definitely be more. From there it was mostly the man who runs Musketeer Scoop who kept us posted. Rick pointed out that Lyons had become frustrated with Dante early in the game, wanting him to shoot instead of drive. Dante responded by draining his first five from the field. Shannon Russell and Rick both recorded the great response by the crowd as seniors came and went, with Rick calling the Feeney rejection at the buzzer "one of the greatest moments in Xavier history from a humor standpoint."

The view from Mario
From then, it was celebration time. Mo Egger started things off by announcing Brian Gregory is stealing money from UD. (If Dayton getting beaten doesn't make you want to celebrate...). Mario Mercurio channeled some Charlie Sheen for "keep winning," and the Real Clint Spaeth loved the atmosphere at the end.Things weren't all rosy for the A10 champ though, because Dante had never seen so long a line at Chipotle

Dante is ubiquitous